Monthly Archives: May 2012


In case you can’t distinguish the tiny figure on my header, that’s my niece painting while wearing a huge t-shirt. So adorable. Now, I know it’s slightly hypocritical to say “not on a computer” then use my one doctored sketch as the logo. But if it helps, I added the flower and sun with MS Paint… it was very old school.



Here goes…

Check it out! My attempt to be a real artist! I’m trying to live up to my mental stereotype of what a starving artist should be, with some exceptions. I’m a girl, so I can’t grow a scrungy beard. I’m employed, so I won’t technically be “starving”. And I won’t be constantly covered in paint or look like I haven’t slept in a week because I spend all my time working feverishly in my studio. That’s something that comes later… when I have a studio.

What I will do is wear really pretentious looking scarves, hang out in coffee shops, and listen to really obscure music (do Monty Python songs on Pandora count?). I’m also working on my “far away look” so people know I’m thinking  deep and creative thoughts. Thoughts that in no way relate to the Avengers. They’re deep thoughts, I’m telling you! About… art… and philosophy… and the ephemeral beauty of nature. Right.

Anyway, the plan is to start posting some sketches soon, which will count as my “portfolio”. This would be way more organized if I built a legit website instead of using a free blog, but hey, at least now I get to use a format where I can include snarky comments whenever I want.

Oh, and I do want to make the point that it’s called “shoppe” because I am in fact selling my portraiture services. I was going to call my site “sketchy” but decided I didn’t want to force my family and friends to google that term, just in case some of the results aren’t what they were aiming for.

In summary, I now declare myself a professional artist person. If you like the sketches, feel free to pay me and I’d love to do one for you!