Monthly Archives: June 2012

A Tragic Gap in Language

I have three wonderful nephews and almost two beautiful nieces (the second is due any day, and I’m going to just assume she’s beautiful like her cousin). So here’s my problem… “nephews and nieces” takes forever to say. It’s also a problem when one of my sisters is pregnant and the gender is still undetermined, because “nephew or niece” also takes forever to say.


You know what? Nephew takes too long too.

My solution: Neef. A generic term meaning “child of my sibling”. Why does this not already exist?!?

All that to say, I love drawing neefs. They are adorable freaks of nature… I say freaks because no one should be that cute. I have been drawing each one since they were born, and I’ll probably be forced to continue until they quit with all that cuteness.


Yeah, not sure that will happen any time soon. It must be part of their diabolical plot to force me to draw them constantly. Expect more posts of the tiny narcissists, because I probably won’t stop until they start having kids.