For my day job I work at a high tech company, and considering the fact that people tend to stare at me blankly when I tell them my job title, I just tell everyone I’m a cube monkey and leave it at that. After spending my day staring at a computer screen and writing about “application hosting” and “network management”, I like to come home and have a more creative outlet. Somehow drawing feels more productive than sitting around watching television. (Though in all honesty, those things tend to happen at the same time.)

As for inspiration, I have four truly adorable neefs (that’s plural for niece and nephews) and they live entirely too far away from me. For the most part, all I get are pictures and the occasional visit. Over the years, I honed my artistic skills by being unable to stop drawing them as they grew cuter and cuter. I’m too far away to hug them all the time, so I have to do something.

Because I’m going to try to sell stuff at some point, allow me to now attempt to define my style. I love drawing portraits, starting with flawed snapshots of people or animals and distilling their personalities and relationships. I don’t have much patience for landscapes or straight lines, but I love using the sketch medium to try to define the love in a father’s eye, the dignity of an animal, or the uncomplicated joy of childhood.


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